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Vizlib Gantt - Overview

Vizlib Gantt is the most intuitive project planning timeline extension for Qlik Sense, giving you the superpowers you need to keep projects on track, stay within budget, optimise resources and forecast accurately. It’s jam-packed with powerful capabilities, such as HTML tooltips, dynamic markers and milestones, progress bar, rich customization, and more!

Vizlib Gantt is a powerful tool which illustrates the project schedule and helps the user to visualise the timelines and deadlines of tasks, upcoming events and activities as well as to understand the relationship and dependencies between them. Gantt displays whole projects in a single visualization by displaying various tasks and events on the horizontal bars, and time intervals on the vertical axis. It's an excellent solution for managers of all industries. 




1. Full interactivity support

2. Range and zoom control

3. Styling control over groups, event bars, and headers

4. Ability to add reference lines

5. Custom timeline settings control

6. Custom Tooltips with HTML support

7. Ability to turn native functionality off

8. Support for Alternate states

9. Custom periods

10. Custom milestones

11. Show Holidays

Download the Vizlib Gantt here.

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