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Vizlib Gantt Properties - Settings

The Settings menu in Vizlib Gantt lets you manage the look and feel of the chart, allowing you to highlight or focus on any aspect you need. 



The Timeline settings (Figure 1) help you to adapt the chart view of timescales and deadlines. The Direction can be set to start from the Top or the Bottom, and the Start day of the week can be set to Monday or Sunday. You can choose to Hide weekends (Figure 2) or Highlight Weekends (Figure 3) with their own background color. Highlight Current Date displays the current date as a reference line, but can be disabled if it isn't needed. Timeline Stripes (Figure 4) can be enabled to show stripes, with a specific background color. 

Figure 1: Timeline

Figure 2: Weekends Hidden

Figure 3: Weekends Highlighted

Figure 4: Stripes Highlighted

  • Settings for Holidays (Figure 5) can be enabled and an expression entered to display a specific set of dates. You can also choose a Color and the level of Opacity

Figure 5: Holidays

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Range and Zoom

Range defines the date range (Figure 6) to set start and end dates using the formula (Figure 7). You can also enable the Show horizontal scrollbar setting to display a scroll bar to help navigate through the chart.

Figure 6: Range

Figure 7: Date Range Example

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Default Focus Date

Default Focus Date (Figure 8) lets you choose which date you want to see in the middle of the screen.

Figure 8: Default Focus Date

Hide Hours

Hide Hours (Figure 9) allows you to hide custom intervals of time (Figure 10). 

Figure 9: Hide Hours

Figure 10: Hide Hours Example

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Zoom lets you choose between custom or static settings (Figure 11). The default zoom setting is days, but you can divide by 24 to set the level to hours.

Figure 11: Zoom

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