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Vizlib Gantt Properties - Appearance


This section gives you the ability to control the styling of your Gantt visualisation. 


In the General section, you can add a standard Qlik title, sub-title and footnote for your Vizlib Gantt.

  • Shown title and subtitle will appear above the Gantt.
  • The footnote will be shown under your object.
  • The show allows users to choose to view details such as descriptions and dimensions.

Group Styling

Show Headers

Use the switch to show/ hide the headers of Hierarchy Groups. 


Show order number 

Use the switch to show/ hide the order numbers in the Event bars. 

Reference Lines

Vizlib Gantt supports reference lines for Dates/Timestamps. Give your reference line a label and define the colour.

Group Header Styling

This section allows you to control the styling of group headers. 

You can choose the colour by Expression/ Group or Hierarchy Group.

For colour by expression define the colour, for colour by group and hierarchy group choose the colour palette. 

example colour by expression:

Event Bar Styling

This section allows you to control the styling of the Event Bars. Choose between colour by Individual Event/ Expression or Event Groups.

For the colour by an individual event - choose the colour palette.

For the colour by the expression- define an individual colour using colour-picker or standard expression.

For the colour by the event group determine the transparency of the bars using the opacity-slider. 

colour by individual event
colour by expression
colour by event groups

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