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Vizlib Templates - How to create templates

Templates (or pre-sets) is a new feature that is being implemented for all the Vizlib Library Extensions. It's a bunch of samples of visualisations which have already some details in place. They help you to make the process of building your dashboards fast as well as to keep the consistent style and follow the same structure of the design. 

How to create and save Templates

 You can find templates on the top of the property panel for each extension.


There are three sections in pre-designed configurations.  

  1. The first category is publicly available pre-sets from Vizlib Gallery. Everybody can use them but nobody can change them.  
  2. The second section contains Vizlib Templates published within your organisation. These are only visible to user within your environment.
  3. The last one is your own personal templates, which you have created. Nobody else can see them before they are published within the organisation. 

So in order to build your dashboard using templates, all you need to do is to choose the template with a design that you like.

How to manage custom templates

To store your own templates you need to create the design. You can modify the existing template or create your own from scratch by adding as many layers as you want. When you are happy with the template you have created - you can save it by clicking this button:

When you are saving the example you have created, you need to give it a thumbnail and a title.
For a thumbnail, you can click to import the current view, what will take the screenshot of your template or you can upload a file you want (for example - logo). All the saved templates will appear in the third section "my templates".

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