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Vizlib Templates - How to Manage Templates

Vizlib Templates have been designed to help you create eye-catching pre-designed charts quickly, and apply your own styling. They've also been design to be easy to manage and this article takes you through all the steps you need to manage and publish your custom templates. 


Managing Templates - Tutorial 

We've created a tutorial to show you how manage Vizlib Templates, which you can watch here. 

Managing Templates

You can rename, edit or even delete your personal templates, which nobody else can see. To make personal templates available within the whole organisation, they have to be published by an admin.

Available templates are held in the Published section and every user of Vizlib extensions in your organisation with the same licence can access them.

To manage templates globally for all users within your Qlik sense environment, click on the Templates menu in the User Portal (Figure 1) to open the templates home page. 

You can click on the Templates option of a component to open the templates home page, where you can see the Published Templates for each extension and the allocated Users for each individual extensions. 

You can choose the extension you need by selecting it from the Extension dropdown list. The published templates for the extension will then be displayed. 

Figure 1: Extension Template Home Page

You can use the button on the right-hand side to see Published or Private templates (Figure 2). An admin user can see all public and private templates, and also has rights to edit or delete each of them. All other users can only view their personal private templates. 

Figure 2: Published or Private

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Publishing Templates

As an admin, If you want to promote a template and make it available for all the users within your organisation, let the cursor rest on the template until the Publish button when it appears (Figure 3).

Figure 3: Publish

The published template will become available in the Published section of the template creation wizard (Figure 4). 

Figure 4: Published Templates

To unpublish a template, log into the user portal as an admin, select the template and click Unpublish (Figure 5). 

Figure 5: Unpublish

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Working with Default Templates 

We've created a video tutorial on working with default templates which you can watch here. 

To set a default template, you should click on this icon on the bottom right (Figure 6). 

Note: A template has to be published before it can be set as a default. 

Figure 6: Default Setting

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