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Vizlib Templates - How to manage templates

How to manage templates

As we mentioned earlier, there are three different sections of templates.

You have the full control over your personal templates, which nobody else can see. As an author, you can rename them, edit them or even delete them. But to make your own templates available within the whole organisation - they have to be published by an admin.

Ones your individual templates are published, they will become available in the published section and every user of Vizlib extensions in your organisation with the same licence can access them.
To manage the templates globally for all users within your Qlik sense environment, you have to go to the User Portal. On the sidebar, you can find the templates. 

In this section, you can see all the users for each individual extensions. 

Just choose the extension to see all the templates that have been created for it so far.

You can use the button on the right-hand side to see all the published templates or even all the private ones. However, it is only possible for an admin, while all other users can see only their personal private templates. So, as an admin, you can not only see everyone's private templates, but you also have a right to edit or delete each of them. 

How to publish templates

As an admin, If you want to promote one of the individually created templates and make it available for all the users within your organisation, you can just click on the "publish" button above the chosen template and it will become available in the published section.  

To unpublish the template, log into the user portal as an admin and same way just click on "unpublish". 

How to set a default template

To set a default template, you should click on this icon on the bottom right.
Note! To set a template as a default - it has to be published first. 

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