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Dates in Qlik Sense

For dates to be recognized properly in the Vizlib Selection bar the field needs to be defined as date. A date field in Qlik Sense is a dual value with both a numerical and a text representation. This is explained in more detail in the Qlik Sense documentation.

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Dates in the Selection Bar

To get started choose the "List type" Date range picker and insert the date field. (Calculated dimensions will work but are not recommended.)

There are two types of date pickers. Interval and single date picker. Use the switch in the property panel to select.

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Colors and Indicators for Dates

As a starting point the date picker follows the Qlik Sense standard colors as defined here. However a few more colors and indicators have been added to improve the user experience. The image below explain all available colors in the date range picker when using an interval. The same colors are used when using a single date selection.

Also the current date will be in red text whenever that date is "possible"/white. 

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Alternative Selection Mode in Date Range Picker

The default mode for the date picker follows the logic for native Qlik Sense objects. This means that any selections made will be added to the previous selections in that field as long as values are "alternative" (light gray). If already selected values are selected again in a new selection they will be removed from the previous selection (toggle mode). 

For some users this can be confusing (especially when making overlapping selections. To counter this ther is an option to clear any selections before the new selection is applied. Enable this with the setting in the property panel. (Please note that this may be counter-intuitive to experienced Qlik Sense users so choose mode carefully.)

When alternative selection mode is enabled, already made selections have some opacity to indicate they will be deselected if a new selection is applied. For example, in the picture below the soft green and the slightly lighter gray with check-marks would be deselected if the user makes a new selection in the calendar.

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Alternative Selection Mode in Single Date Picker

For single date selections the alternative selection mode means that only one date can be selected at the time from the calendar. 

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