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Vizlib Button Properties - Button Items

Adding Button Items is so easy with Vizlib button! Multiple buttons are supported, and each can have multiple actions. Colors, labels and icons can be managed individually for each button, other appearance and animation settings are global.


Button Name

Once you've created a button, you can name it, and enter text for the label and tooltip displays (Figure 1).

Figure 1: Button Name

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Button Icon

You can choose to enable an Icon as part of the button display (Figure 2). You can choose which icon to use, select a color from the palette, set the icon size on the slider, and the icon's position in the button. 

Figure 2: Button Icon

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Font Color

You can also customise the button's font color, choosing which color to use in both an active and inactive state (Figure 3).

Figure 3: Font Color

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You can enable the Background settings if you'd like to customise your button background, adding colors or including a URL (Figure 4). 

Figure 4: Background

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Disabled State

A disabled state is when the Button cannot be pressed, to make this clear, we add 2 styles, one in gray, one with an opacity layer above the button (Figure 5). 

                    Active                        Disabled (Opacity)                 Disabled (Grey)


The condition can be set per button, when the condition is true (-1, 1), the button cannot be clicked.

Figure 5: Disabled State

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