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Vizlib Button Properties - Appearance

Appearance settings manage the look and feel of your Vizlib Button



In the General settings (Figure 1), you can enter a Title, Subtitle, Footnote and choose to Toggle off hover menu. You can also choose to Show Details to display information about dimensions, measures or descriptions. 

Figure 1: General

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Button Sizing and Spacing

In Button Sizing and Spacing (Figure 2), you can choose to customize the Sizing, setting a Button Width, Button Height and Spacing

Figure 2: Button Sizing and Spacing

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In Position (Figure 3), you can choose the Group Orientation and Horizontal Alignment

Figure 3: Position

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With Colors settings (Figure 4) you can choose a Single or Multicolor palette for the button, choosing from a range of preset color schemes, select a separate option for the Hover Color, and select a Transparent Background

Figure 4: Colors

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Borders & Shadow

In Borders & Shadow (Figure 5) you can choose to enable a Border, setting a Corner Radius, Border Width, choose a Border Color and select a Shadow Type when you Enable shadow

Figure 5: Border & Shadow

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Font settings (Figure 6) include controls to set the Font Color, Font Style, the Font Family and Font Size

Figure 6: Font

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