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Vizlib Button Properties - Appearance and Interactivity

The appearance section covers global rules for every button item inside the Vizlib Button object. If there are other button-specific rules like color, these will override the relevant color setting in the Appearance section.


Button Sizing and Spacing


Button sizing can be set manually or automatically. The automatic setting allows the button to size itself according to the available space and also the content of the button. The fixed setting forces a fixed amount of space for the height and width of the button.

The auto setting features a slider to adjust the padding/internal spacing of the button (shown with the black arrow on the button below).


Button spacing specifies the space between buttons. The auto setting is responsive and distributes the buttons evenly across the available space.

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Orientation and horizontal alignment sets where the button(s) appear within the Qlik Sense object.

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Button Colors

This section sets a color(s) for all button items. Colors can be set to a specific color, or using one of the provided color palettes. Alternatively, colors can be set individually in each button item.

Disabled state conditions and styles are set in each button item

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Border & Shadow

Enabling the border is recommended so that the radius setting is accessible. These setting can help to define more unique buttons.

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Our standard Vizlib Font settings are included with the Vizlib Button. You can find out how to use custom fonts with Vizlib Extensions here

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Animations are available in the Vizlib Button to enrich the end-user experience and highlight the button actions. These are available on hover and on-click. Please consider leaving enough space around the object for the button to animate.

Allow Overflow

You can let the buttons appear outside of the object boundaries if there is not enough space.

Disable Export

You can check Disable Export to hide the button when exporting the visualization (e.g. a sheet) to PDF. 


A default tooltip can be displayed, where on hover, the button label, or name, is revealed.

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