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Vizlib Button - Changelog

We constantly update and improve all our extensions to deliver new features and fix bugs discovered in previous versions. This page documents all historic changes made to the extension since its initial release.

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v1.4.1 - 29/04/22

Bug Fixes:
  • [LIB-10972]: Vizlib button appear overlap other objects

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v1.4.0 - 23/08/21

New features:
  • [LIB-8558]: Custom File Name in Export

Bug Fixes:
  • [LIB-9755]: Link to Demo App
  • [LIB-9567]: Merging two buttons 

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v1.3.1 - 08/04/21

Bug Fixes:
  • [LIB-8922]: Qlik Sense Cloud Errors
  • [LIB-8935]: Loader Background Display 

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v1.3.0 - 25/02/21

New features:
  • [LIB-8304]: New Action Open Qlik App
  • [LIB-8360]: Vizlib Button in Mobile Works Natively

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v1.2.1 - 02/09/20

Bug Fixes:
  • [LIB-6639]: Using the button to export in Firefox causes Qlik to prompt for refresh
  • [LIB-6701]:  Set Variable action not running

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v1.2.0 - 05/08/20

New features:
  • [LIB-6318]: Vizlib Actions - Prompt (toast notification)
  • [LIB-5988],[ LIB-6438]:  Vizlib Actions - Partial reload option (for existing reload action)
  • [LIB-6183]: Vizlib Actions - Export whole Sheet to PDF 
  • [LIB-6291]: Vizlib Button icon color expression

Bug Fixes:
  • [LIB-6164]: Button displayed on top of a maximized visualization
  • [LIB-5986]: Alignment issues
  • [LIB-6626]: "Define your own" font option input box missing

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v1.1.1  -   19/05/20  

  Bug Fixes:  

  •  [LIB-5274]: custom Filename is not displayed on export file in some versions of QS  

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v1.1.0  -   04/05/20  

  New features:  

  •  [LIB-3410]: Vizlib Actions NEW: "API Integration" (Get/post/PUT request)   
  •  [LIB-5344]: New action: Sleep  
  •  [LIB-5691]:  Property Panel Search  
  •  [LIB-5100]: Vizlib Button needs the ability to control the font color to align with the individual buttons active/inactive state  
  •  [LIB-5543]: Simple tooltip  
  •  [LIB-5483]: Allow alternate states in button actions  

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v1.0.0 -   19/02/2019

Initial Release

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