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Do Vizlib products work on Qlik Sense mobile (iOS & Android Apps)?

Vizlib Products do work on Qlik Sense mobile apps. Most devices will apply updates automatically, which means Qlik Sense mobile apps will be using the latest version of Qlik Sense.

If you have mobile app users for Qlik Sense, this will require your Vizlib Extensions to be relatively up to date. We always support the latest version of Qlik Sense - so each time your mobile device updates the app, i.e. when a new version of Qlik Sense is released, your Vizlib extensions must be updated, to include the necessary changes required for compatibility with the latest version of Qlik Sense.

Whilst your environment may not be using the latest version of Qlik Sense, the iPad will continue to render using the latest version, example as shown below. It is likely that different versions of Qlik Sense Server and Qlik Sense Mobile are in use at the same time.

Server running:                      Qlik Sense September 2019

Qlik Sense Mobile App:         Qlik Sense November 2019

Vizlib Extensions:                    Latest version OR bundle for October/November 2019

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