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Deploying Vizlib Products in Qlik SaaS (Qlik Cloud Services)

This article contains information on how to deploy Vizlib products to work with Qlik SaaS (Qlik Cloud Services). Note on Third Party Extensions: In Qlik Sense Business/Enterprise SaaS, third party extensions cannot be exported. You can find a full description of the limitation here.  


If you haven't worked with Qlik SaaS deployments before, we've included this video on visualization extensions in Qlik Sense SaaS deployments (including Qlik Sense Business and Qlik SaaS):

Installing Vizlib products in QCS

In order to install extensions in QCS navigate to the Administration page (Figure 1). 

Figure 1: Administration

Open the Extensions section and add the Vizlib extensions .zip files: 

Note: Due to current limitations, you may need to upload extensions individually.

Figure 2: Add Extensions

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Content Security Policies - Configuration

Additional rules need to be added into the Content Security Policy section in order to use the online/SaaS versions of Vizlib in QCS. These are commonly known as CSPs.

Note: For Enterprise offline versions of Vizlib products, this is not needed, since there are no external requests.

Figure 3: Content Security Policy

Navigate to Content Security Policy section and add three security policies with the following hostnames:

Figure 4: Vizlib Static

Figure 5: Vizlib Bouncer 

Figure 6: Collaboration

Figure 7: Templates

Now you will be able to use Vizlib value-added products in SaaS editions of Qlik Sense. 

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Qlik SaaS API Limitations

While Qlik SaaS can be used to deploy Vizlib products, there are some known issues related to the Qlik SaaS API which we've listed here. 

  • Third party extensions cannot be exported, please read the Qlik Sense article here. Vizlib customized exports are still available in some extensions but the native export functionality of Qlik Sense is not compatible with extensions in Qlik SaaS. This limitation also affects the ability to use stories in SaaS since that uses the same functionality.
  • It is not possible to create a sessions app with a session cookie. This impacts the ability to use Vizlib Writeback Table / Vizlib Input Form on SaaS.
  • The owner is the only user who can reload the application with Enigma doReload and doReloadEx. Therefore, reload permissions cannot be granted to other users, and partial reloads are not possible. Again, this impacts the use of Vizlib Writeback Table / Vizlib Input Form.
  • User authentication with Vizlib Server is not possible, so session cookies cannot be used. An OAuth 2 implementation could resolve this issue, but is not currently supported. 
  • The following features are not available in Qlik SaaS with any Vizlib extensions - Subscriptions to sheets and Collaborative Notes. 

Please do reach out to your Qlik representative with requests for these features to be supported in extensions!

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Further Information

For more information on Qlik SaaS, please visit the Qlik Sense extension documentation page here for Qlik Cloud Services here.

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