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Does Vizlib work with Qlik SaaS (aka Qlik Cloud Services)?

Yes, it does!

Please see this video on visualization extensions in SaaS deployments of Qlik Sense (including Qlik Sense Business and Qlik SaaS):

1. Installing Vizlib products in QCS

In order to install extensions in QCS navigate to the Administration page:

Open the Extensions section and add the Vizlib extensions .zip files: 

Note: Due to current limitations, you may need to upload extensions individually

2. Configure Content Security Policies

Additional rules need to be added into the Content Security Policy section in order to use the online/SaaS versions of Vizlib in QCS. These are commonly known as CSPs.

Note: For Enterprise offline versions of Vizlib products, this is not needed, since there are no external requests.

Navigate to Content Security Policy section and add three security policies with the following hostnames:

  1. -> Vizlib's CDN use for static content (fonts, css, open-source libraries, etc.)
  2. -> Vizlib's Distribution Service (transfer of extension code & licensing)
  3. -> Vizlib Collaboration Service
  4. -> Vizlib templates

Now you will be able to use Vizlib value-added products in SaaS editions of Qlik Sense. Enjoy!

More Information on Extensions in Qlik Cloud Services:

For more information, please visit Qlik's extension documentation page for Qlik Cloud Services.

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