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Vizlib Finance Report Properties - Settings

The Settings section of the property panel (Figure 1) contains the global settings for Vizlib Finance Report. The first control is a toggle to enable or disable Selections.

Figure 1: Settings

Use top dimension enables the last dimension to be used as columns in the report. 

Note: This selection will be used to calculate the table, so a dimension with a large number of values could impact on performance.

Allow dimension switching enables selections for top dimensions and sub-dimensions used in the report. If another dimension is selected, it will switch places with the dimension it replaces. 

Export dimension info adds an extra row to the export containing information about the exported data. By default, the dimension names are listed but any expression can be used. 

Note: If you'd like to list all selections made when performing the export, consider using the GetCurrentSelections function.

Open table expanded to level lets you enter an expression or number which expands the report to a certain level when it's opened. 0 will display all levels as collapsed, 1 will have the first dimension expanded etc. Top dimensions are always expanded. 

Note: Using this selection in tables with large numbers of values on sub-dimensions could have an impact on report performance. 

Horizontal Virtualization callibrates the report into a horizontal orientation. 

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