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The settings section of the Finance Report property panel contain the global settings for the report.

Use Top Dimension

This setting enables the last dimension to be used as columns in the report. Note that using a dimension with many values as top dimension will have a significant impact on performance. (Also consider this at the time of enabling this function since if the last dimension has many values the table will take a very long time to calculate.)

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Export Dimension Info

When enabled an extra row will be added to the export with information about the exported data. By default the name of the dimensions are listed but any expression can be used. 

Note: Consider using the GetCurrentSelections-function to list all selections made when performing the export.

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When using Representation=URL on the dimension enabling this session will make any links open up on the same tab of the browser. (The default is for links to be opened up on a separate tab.)

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Open Table Expanded to Level

Use an expression or a number to open the Finance Report already expanded to a level. 0 represents all levels collapsed, 1 will have the first dimension expanded etc. Any top dimensions are always expanded. 

Note: Only use expanded to level in tables with few values on the sub-dimensions to avoid negative performance impact. For dimensions with many values it is much more efficient for the user to expand only data that is needed.

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