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Vizlib Writeback Table - Qlik Security Rules for Reloading

OPTIONAL Security Rules

Note: The security rules in this article are Optional. Writeback can still be used without these rules, but a reload cycle must be in place. 

For a seamless Writeback User experience, your Qlik Sense app should be reloaded so that the edited changes in your data are reflected in your app immediately. To achieve this, the user needs to have permission to reload the data, which means being able to access the load script on the published Qlik Sense. Depending on the use case, this may not be viable. 

Alternative Options:

If giving access to the load editor is a concern, or, you want to prevent users from reloading the app too often, you can user the Task scheduler to create a scheduled reload task:

Create a scheduled app reload every 5-10 minutes via Task Scheduler


To give someone access to reload the app after editing/update data via Vizlib Writeback Table, you need to configure a security rule in the Qlik Management Console (QMC) so you are able to reload applications as part of your writeback experience

Important: The instructions in this article can only be performed by a user with QMC privileges. Please contact your QMC administrator to complete this process.

This rule will grant you access to the data script editor used for adding Qlik Sense expressions, and grant you permissions to reload the published app instantly, rather than having a scheduled reload. This is important as instant writeback permissions will enable you to use Vizlib Writeback Table to keep working with your data and make all the changes you require without any interruptions. 

  • Go to the Security Rules Menu in the QMC (Figure 1). 

Figure 1: Qlik Management Console

The rule you need to configure is called Writeback access to reload app (Figure 2).

  • Search for the rule Writeback access to reload app open it, and check that the configuration is set up correctly.
  • In the BASIC section add the Resource filter 
 App_*, App.Object*
  • In the Actions section, select Read and Update.
  • In the Advanced section check the Conditions have the following script added.
(((resource.resourcetype="App" and"read") and"Vizlib Writeback")

(resource.resourcetype="App.Object" and"read") and resource.objectType = "app_appscript"))
  • Check the Context option Both in hub and QMC has been selected. 
  • Use the Validate Rule button to confirm the configuration is correct.
  • If you need further information on security rules, you can find it on the Qlik Sense help site.

Figure 2: Security Rule

  • Use the Preview button to preview the rule in the side panel, and click on Apply save the changes.

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