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Vizlib Writeback Table Guides - Pasting Data Values

Pasting Data Values - Guidelines

Vizlib Writeback Table offers you the possibility to add one or more values via copy-paste. Transfer values, or whole table, from a separate system, a spreadsheet, and quickly add them, in bulk, to your Vizlib Writeback Table as data inputs.

If you need to paste data, one value, or even a whole table, when using Vizlib Writeback Table, there are some guidelines for you to follow. 

  • Pasting should be attempted in editable cells only, 
  • You can paste using the CTRL+V command to enter data you've saved on the clipboard. 
  • Click on an editable cell, so that the cursor is focused. 
  • Data will be pasted in the focused cell, and the cells to the right if you are trying to paste more than one column. 
  • If there is an empty row below the focused cell, the values will be pasted into the empty row.
  • If there is no empty row below the focused cell, it should create a new row if add rows is enabled.
  • Pasting can also be done using the Context menu.

Pasting Data Values - Errors

  • If there are no cells to the right to accept the pasted values, the operation will not complete and an error will be returned. 
  • If the pasted values do not meet any validation requirements, the operation will not complete and an error will be returned.

Pasting Data Values - Example

This example demonstrates how to paste an Excel table of 2 rows and 4 columns from the clipboard (Figure 1).  



  • Select the focused cell in the table (Figure 1). 

Figure 1: Focused Cell in Table

  • Use CTRL +V to paste the values into the focused cell and the column to the right (Figure 2). 

Figure 2: Paste Completed

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