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Vizlib Writeback Table Properties - Bulk Edit

When you're working with a number of data values, having to edit each value individually can be a very time-intensive operation. 

Vizlib Writeback Table contains a Bulk Edit capability which you can use to help with editing all the data values within a specific column at the same time, which can speed up activities like data segmentation, clustering, or binning and add real value to your business by improving the user experience of editing data.


Getting Started

Before you start, select the column you'd like to work with and scroll down to the Bulk Edit panel. The default setting for the Bulk Edit command is Disabled

  • Toggle the Bulk editing slider to the right to enable the Bulk Edit properties. A paint icon will  appear beside the column name in the header of the column being edited. 
  • Select a Bulk Edit Mode from the radio button list. There are 3 options available, with the default setting being Active
    • Inactive - No bulk editing can be applied, but it can be turned on by clicking the icon in the column header. 
    • Active - Bulk editing can be applied, but can be turned off by clicking on the icon in the column header. 
    • Always Active - Bulk editing will always be applied, and cannot be turned on or off using the icon.
  • Select a field, then enter some text. In this example we're entering an email address in the column where we applied validation in the Validation article (Figure 1). 

Figure 1: Bulk Edit Enabled

The changes you make to the first value should be reflected across all of the columns now. 

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Bulk Edit Icon

Clicking on the icon next to the column name will enable or disable bulk edit if you are in Active or Inactive mode. This can be a quick and useful way to manage bulk edits without having to use the property panel (Figure 2)


Figure 2: Bulk Edit Disabled

You can click on the icon again to enable bulk edit, if you need to make more changes. 

Figure 3: Bulk Edit Enabled

Bulk editing can be applied to all data types in Vizlib Writeback Table.

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