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Vizlib Input Form - Changelog

We constantly update and improve all our extensions to deliver new features and fix bugs discovered in previous versions. This page documents all historic changes made to the extension since its initial release.

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 v2.0.0  -   16/09/20  

  Bug Fixes [Enterprise customers only - Vizlib Server 1.7.1]:  
  •  [CLB-1896]: Unable to find data source when using QVD destination type through Vizlib Server.

  Note: Vizlib Server update from version 1.7.0 to 1.7.1 required for the fix to apply.

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 v2.0.0  -   04/09/20  

  New features:  
  •  [CLB-1142]: Server Side Writeback  
  •  [CLB-1554]: Locking Writeback Destinations  
  •  [CLB-1774]: Server Side Writeback Audit  

  Bug Fixes:  
  •  [CLB-1763]: Number format doesn't change the formats of the numbers.
    Numbers can be now formatted by using the display format setting - for editable cells, non editable cells' format is controlled by the measure format.

  •  [CLB-1797]: Input Form's new field immediately connected to a field with same name from the load script  

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v1.0.5 -   12/08/20  

  New Features:

  • CLB-1749 [Table] - Export data.
  • CLB-1558 [Table] Filtering on table headers.


  • CLB-1760 [Table] Columns reordering is not working with touch mode enabled.
  • CLB-1759 [Table] Sorting issues.
  • CLB-1756 [Table & Input Form] - Accessibility improvements.
  • CLB-1753 [Table & Input Form] - Extension stuck in loading stage.
  • CLB-1733 [Table] - Maximizing Writeback Table does not work.

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 v1.0.4  -   27/07/20  

  New features:  
  •  [CLB-1720]: [Table] Sorting in Writeback Table headers  

  Bug Fixes:  
  •  [CLB-1715], [CLB-1709], [CLB-1734]: [Table] Writeback Table Setup fixes
    Few issues has been fixed around setup including: newly added columns inherited column's expression of previously added column, it was not possible to properly create table linked to QVD file which filename starts with a number, setup editor was not supporting field names containing spaces.

  •  [CLB-1426]: [Form] When using Templates with variables, Vizlib Input Form crashes  
  •  [CLB-1716]: [Table] Sometimes update operation inserts new row instead of updating existing one
    Issue could occur when row contained some special characters in one of the cells.

  •  [CLB-1726]: [Table] Date column is automatically recognised as edited even though it hasn't changed.  
  •  [CLB-1701]: [Table] Adjust column width is not calculated correctly when there are too few columns.   

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 v1.0.3  -   03/07/20  

   New features:  
  • [CLB-1417]: Tooltip option for columns and fields - Developers can set tooltip text to be displayed when hovering over a field or column to add more context.
  • [CLB-1634]: Include audit trail for Update Operator. Audit columns can now be included for update operations. They are enabled by default and are able to capture each addition and edition of data. Delete operations (when data is being removed) cannot be captured by those columns.
  • [CLB-1643]: Convert to field - change default behavior. When adding new columns to a table, the option to convert the column is selected by default. When edit mode is enabled, writeback table detects that there is a field in the data model matching the column name, and automatically links the column to the field, which was previously enabled only for columns added during set up.

  Bug Fixes:  
  •  [CLB-1392]: When I change the appearance color, all tables on the same sheet are updating.   
  •  [CLB-1502]: Console errors when adding Form to Master Item.  
  •  [CLB-1604]: Prevent script injection inside audit columns / fields. 
  •  [CLB-1644]: [Table] Restore data from session storage doesn't work for multiple choice and radio button component . 
  •  [CLB-1647]: Writeback Table - issues with right click related to older versions of Qlik Sense.
  •  [CLB-1669]: User can't add row if not related column does not include null values  
  •  [CLB-1671]: Writeback Table-  Export Script not working with pagination in Insert/Overwrite. All pages now downloaded to the extension when the Export Script option is clicked. 
  •  [CLB-1688]: Writeback Table - Unable to write multiple rows back at a time when in update mode - Customer issue. Issue was related with characters inside the data model. 

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 v1.0.1  -   22/06/20  

  Bug Fixes:  
  • [CLB-1616]: Writeback Dropdown - Search not working
  • [CLB-1608]: Rating field converted into a text field on reload, it should stay the same
  • [CLB-1617]: Input Form - writing to file does not work

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v1.0.0 -   17/06/2020

Initial Release.
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