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Vizlib User and License Management

All the information to help you manage your users and licenses in Vizlib extensions; for Qlik Sense and Qlik SaaS.


Vizlib user licenses

Licenses for Vizlib extensions for use within Qlik Sense can be bought for individual Vizlib products and are set at:

  • Free - for five (5) or fewer users
  • Professional - Less than 100 users
  • Enterprise - More than 100 users

Please see our page on Pricing for more details. We're also happy to book a demo for you; please send us an email at if you have any further questions on licenses. 

Vizlib licenses use Qlik role permissions

Vizlib licenses are not linked to a user’s role or permissions level, as all user roles and permissions are managed by the role assigned within your Qlik Sense User Directory.

A license is assigned when a Vizlib extension is viewed and when it's being actively used.

The license types are linked to your Qlik Sense User ID and the way Qlik Sense tokens are assigned. Therefore, if an individual's Qlik User ID is the same in multiple environments, only a single Vizlib license is used.

However, when the same User ID is part of different Qlik Sense User Directories, separate Vizlib licenses are consumed.

Vizlib User Portal

You'll find all the features to help you manage your Vizlib users, downloads, subscriptions, and billing within the User Portal. Within the user portal, a license is referred to as a 'seat'.

Restricting, releasing, and adding licenses

When using Vizlib Professional or Enterprise, licenses are assigned on a first-come-first-serve basis. The license is assigned to that UserID until you use the Vizlib User Portal to release the licenses.

License usage with Qlik SaaS

Qlik SaaS users have two separate licenses, one for the Qlik Sense environment and the other for the Qlik SaaS environment. Users have different usernames for each platform; therefore, they are allocated two licenses within the Vizlib Portal. 

Restricting Vizlib license use

Qlik Sense Enterprise on Windows

To restrict Vizlib licenses to a specific number of users, we recommend using Qlik Sense Security Rules. 

You can find more information in the article: How Do I limit Access to Vizlib Products?

Qlik SaaS (Qlik Cloud)

To restrict Vizlib licenses to a specific number of users, you must use the Data Handling > Calculation condition option within the Vizlib Extensions.

Since Qlik SaaS doesn't have the Security Rules that Qlik Sense has, it is not possible to restrict access to all Vizlib Extensions. 

However, you can use the Calculation condition option within each Vizlib extension and an expression that will check the current use. If the current user is not allowed a Qlik SaaS license, you can prevent the calculation, and the license is not allocated.

A complete solution can be found in the attached app, which contains a step-by-step guide on how to set up the workaround properly. 

Releasing a user license

  1. From the Vizlib User Portal, click Overview, and click the button Manage. You'll see the number of seats you're using at the top of the page.
  2. Click the trash icon beside the User ID to release the license.

Adding user licenses

  1. From the Vizlib User Portal, select Account
  2. On the main page, click add more.
  3. Or, to change your subscription plan, from the Overview section, click Upgrade.

Billing and Subscriptions

Billing can be monthly or annually. If you select monthly, we use a pro-rata calculation for the first month and apply the amount to your normal invoice at the end of the month.

Amending the number of users

If you need to add or remove users, we’ll adjust your subscription invoice using the pro-rata calculation.

License renewals

From the User Portal, select Subscriptions to check when your license renewal date is.

You'll receive a notification seven (7) days before the license expires. The notification includes the number of days before the product (or products) expires and an option to email your licensing contact or Qlik administrator.

Please note: the notification appears in any sheet to all users and cannot be muted. It disappears when the action to renew or update the license is completed.

Offline license renewals

If you're using an offline version of the product:

  • Download the product zip file from the Products page in the User Portal.
  • Upload them to Qlik Sense after the license is renewed.

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