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What constitutes a Vizlib user license?

One Vizlib user license allows an individual to use a Vizlib product in their Qlik Sense environment based on their respective UserID and User directory. This is the same whether they are an app developer, app user or end-user. A Vizlib license will account for all use cases for that one named user and is the same as an assigned Qlik Sense token.

As a consequence, if a user has the same User directory/User ID in several environments, then only one Vizlib license will be consumed. 

On the other hand, a user may have the same user ID from different User directories. In this case, separate Vizlib licenses will be consumed. 


QS environment A: David Alcobero: User Directory=Vizlib User ID= David.Alcobero 

QS environment B: David Alcobero: User Directory=Acme User ID= David.Alcobero 

QS environment C: David Alcobero: User Directory=Vizlib User ID = David.Alcobero

When David logs into all three QS environments, two Vizlib licenses will be consumed (Figure 1). 

Figure 1: UserIDs in the Qlik Server Management console

How can I add a Vizlib user?

Vizlib Licenses are allocated automatically on a first-come-first-serve basis. This means each user who is using a Vizlib extension, either viewing it, or developing with it, will consume a Vizlib license and will be added to the Vizlib user list.

You can view the user list by clicking on the Management menu in the user portal and selecting User Licenses at

Figure 2: User Licenses

Can I release Vizlib user licenses for a different user? 

Yes, when subscribed to Vizlib Professional, you can log in to the Vizlib portal and release licenses, these will then be consumed by the next new user on a first-come-first-serve basis.

Licenses are released immediately and there's no quarantine.

Can I restrict how many end users can use Vizlib?

For Vizlib Professional, licenses are allocated on a first-come-first-serve basis. Once allocated, they are assigned to a particular user until manually de-allocated via our website.

To restrict Vizlib to a certain number of users, we recommend using Qlik Sense Security Rules to control access. Please see our article here on how to do this.

How do you handle billing if I change the number of users mid month?

We automatically do a pro-rata calculation. So if you have 10 users for the first half of the month and you add another 3 users, you will only be charged for the additional users in the second half of the month. 

The additional pro-rated users will be billed at the next month together with the renewal.

Can I add or reduce the number of users after I sign up?

Yes, you can log in to the Vizlib user portal and increase or decrease the number of users as you wish. You can find this information by selecting User Licenses from the Management menu (see Figure 1 above). 

Your subscription will automatically be charged pro-rata with the new invoice updated at the end of the month.

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