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Vizlib Waterfall Properties - Dimensions and Measures

Vizlib Waterfall uses dimensions and measures to group and calculate. You can build the waterfall with 1 dimension and measure, or by choosing multiple measures, with the X-axis used to display a count. With Vizlib Waterfall, you add dimensions and measures at setup. 

Note: If you want to change dimension, the Add Dimension button will not work unless you delete the current one.



The Dimensions value is set to the master dimension as a default, but you can click the button and choose an item from the list to change it. You can choose to Include null values in the chart and also select a Limitation (No limitation, Fixed Number, Exact Value and Relative Value) which apply conditions which will affect the chart layout.

Figure 1: Vizlib Waterfall Dimensions

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Like dimensions, you can change the master measure value in the Measures tab (Figure 2). You can also select a Number formatting option and enter a Calc. condition using the expression editor. If your chart is measure-driven (containing multiple measures and no dimensions) you'll also see an option to display Subtotals

Figure 2: Vizlib Waterfall Measures

You can also customize your own Bar colors and choose to display or hide Data values. 

Figure 3: Colors

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Figure 4 shows a Vizlib Waterfall with multiple measures, and one of the measures broken down into sub-totals. 

Figure 4: Vizlib Waterfall Example

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