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Vizlib Waterfall - Data Handling, Sorting, Interactivity

Data Handling

Data Handling contains settings relating to the data in the Waterfall object (Figure 1). You can control the Data downloading limit, Suppress Zero Values, enter a Calculation condition using the editor, and also enter a message to display if the calculation is not fulfilled.

Figure 1: Data Handling


The Sorting tab controls how you order your Waterfall data (Figure 2) and has a default setting of Auto for both dimensions and measures. You can switch to Custom sorting if you'd like to set your own values, and sort numbers or characters into ascending or descending order. 

Figure 2: Sorting

Figure 3 shows a Vizlib Waterfall where the measure values (Month) change from being sorted from ascending order (January - December, or Month 01 to 12) to descending order (December - January, or Month 12 to 01).

Figure 3: Sorting Example


The Interactivity tab (Figure 4contains several toggles. You can choose Allow Selections to let users select parts of the waterfall, or set the chart into Read-only mode.

The other toggles relate to showing or hiding functions - Tooltip text Fullscreen Icon (used to maximize objects), and Snapshot Icon - (used to take snapshots of this object).

Figure 4: Interactivity

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