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Vizlib Writeback Table Guides - Destination Types

Vizlib Writeback Table needs to be connected to a Destination to perform any operations. This article gives an overview of the destination types available in the Vizlib Management Console (VMC) and where to find instructions on settings and creating and editing destinations. The list of data output types which support Vizlib Writeback Table is growing all the time, you can find a full list on our introduction page here


Destination Types

Vizlib Writeback Table has 3 destination types (Figure 1) which you can find in the Writeback Settings tab in the property panel. If you'd like to read more about Writeback Settings in the property panel, please see our article on Destination settings here and Audit Columns, Table Settings and Reload settings here.

Figure 1: Destination Types

In the VMC, destination settings are held in the Writeback Settings menu on the Destinations and Security page. They are ordered into 4 sections. Figure 2 shows an SQL destination type as an example. 

  1. Writeback Settings - destination type settings.
  2. Destination Settings  - data source settings. 
  3. Fields Validation - validation of table fields in the destination data source. 
  4. Locking - settings for locking the destination, and setting up a queue for writeback operations. 
  5. Access and Security - security settings handling access to the destination.


Figure 2: Destination Example

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Destination Settings

You can find full details on the settings for each destination type and instructions for setting up a destination in the Integration Setup Guides for Vizlib Writeback Table (Table 1). 

Table 1: Destination Settings

Destination TypeWriteback Table Setup Guide
SQLSQL Integration Setup - Adding a Destination
OracleOracle Integration Setup - Adding a Destination
Google BigQueryGoogle BigQuery Setup - Adding a Destination
REST APIREST Integration Setup - Adding a Destination
QVD-CSV-TXT (File)QVD-CSV-TXT Setup - Adding a Destination
SnowflakeSnowflake Setup - Adding a Destination

Note on Data Connections: Data output types can be configured in the VMC when they have been added to your Qlik Sense Environment. To find out more about working with data connections in Qlik Sense please see the article here

Note on Data Load Scripts: You can configure data load settings in Qlik Sense using the app data load script. You can find out more about data load scripts in Qlik Sense in the article here.

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