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Vizlib Switch Properties - Appearance

You can use the Appearance menu in the Property Panel to manage and customize the look and feel of your Vizlib Switch objects. You can find the menu under Switch Items (Figure 1).

Figure 1: Appearance Menu



The General section has 2 main operations, which you enable by moving the toggle right. You can choose to Show titles, and enter your own text for a Title, Subtitle or Footnote. You can also opt to Show detail, which will display details on any data added (e.g. measures or dimensions). 

Figure 2: General 

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The Position menu helps you to set the position of the Switch object in the sheet (Figure 3). You can set the Orientation (vertical, horizontal), the Horizontal alignment and the Vertical alignment. 

Figure 3: Position

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Sizing and Spacing

Sizing and Spacing settings are enabled by default, but you can disable them if you need to customize them. 

Sizing settings control the size of the switch items you've used (Figure 4). There are settings for the height and width of the bar (the background) and control (the "switch"), so in this example the bar would be 50 pixels wide and 24 pixels high. 

Figure 4: Sizing

Note: For more information on the bar and control elements of an items, see our Switch Items article here

Spacing settings manage the space between each switch item (Figure 5), so in this example each item would be spaced 15 pixels apart. 

Figure 5: Spacing

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For Bar and Control Colors settings, the menu is enabled by sliding the toggle to the right. For both of the elements, there are settings for the Active Color and Inactive Color. 

Figure 6 shows the panel for Control Colors. 

You can also choose to enable a transparent background or hide borders in certain situations. 

Figure 6: Colors

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For Bar and Control Borders settings, the menu is enabled by sliding the toggle to the right, and they are the same for both of the elements. 

Figure 7 shows the controls for Control Borders. 

You can set the Border Radius, Border Size and Color

Figure 7: Custom Borders

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