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Vizlib Custom Report Troubleshooting - Known Issues / FAQ

When you're working with Vizlib Custom Report it's important to be clear about what you can and can't do. We've collected together any known issues and limitations and listed in this article for you, along with any answers to any other questions you might need. 


Limitations - Properties

There are some limits to custom report functionality, they're listed here to help you save time when you're working with it. 

  • Calculation conditions in master items are not respected.
  • Vizlib table cannot be used as a master item, Native Table should be used instead. 
  • Master measure/dimension colors only in Combo chart.
  • A very small (collapsed) version of the extension could look nicer.
  • Export to template only works in Qlik Sense Enterprise.
  • Unpublished sheets in a published app can't use Bookmarks.
  • Expression labels don't work in Qlik Sense November 2017 or prior.
  • Using the selection back/forward option in Qlik Sense only work one step back for the Custom Report.
  • Export to image/pdf, only exports the table/pivot/combo visualization.
  • Qlik Sense September 2019 has a known bug with the function that Vizlib use for exports of images and pdf. This is fixed by Qlik in the November release.
  • Setting groups on/off and selections on/off is not stored in defaults, presets or bookmarks.
  • When customizing colors, we recommend using hex (0000ff) or RGB settings (rgb(0,0,255)). Qlik Color expressions e.g. Blue(80) are not supported. 

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  • Defaults, Presets and bookmarks do not yet work fully.
  • Voice recognition only works for English language and only in Chrome browsers!
  • Not tested for Qlik Cloud.
  • For Qlik Sense Cloud installations the increased delay in response time may lead to visualizations sometimes not rendering. This is typical when using both Analytic Search and menu selections in combination.

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