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Vizlib Custom Report Guides - Installation

Vizlib Custom Report can be installed and set up quickly in your Qlik Sense Environment. We've collected all the resources you might need in this article. This article will work with every version of Vizlib Custom Report currently available on our User Portal


Prerequisites - Before You Start

Before you start the installation of Custom Report, make sure you've completed the following steps. 

  • Vizlib Custom Report Install Files - Go to the Products section of the User Portal, open the Self-Service homepage and click the Vizlib Custom Report icon to find the version you need. 
  • Vizlib Library Install Files - If you want to use Vizlib charts for visualizations, you'll need to have installed Vizlib Library as well. You can download the file bundle from the Library homepage in the Products section of the User Portal
  • Qlik Sense - Check you have the latest version of Qlik Sense installed.
  • QMC Permissions - Check you have access to the Qlik Management Console (QMC) and the correct permissions to upload files.  

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Once you have the files and permissions you need, you can install Vizlib Custom ReportVizlib products (Library, Self-Service, Collaboration, Finance and Gantt, Server) follow the same installation process. Our installation documentation uses Vizlib Library as an example, but it can be applied to Vizlib Custom Report. We have separate installation guides for Qlik Sense desktop and server

Once you've completed the installation, you'll be ready to set up your Vizlib Custom Report. For instructions on setup please see our article here

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