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Vizlib Custom Report Guides - Setup

This article contains instructions on setting up Vizlib Custom Report. There are 2 setup methods you can use. 

  • Data Set Creator Wizard - The easiest and quickest way to add data to your Custom Report. 
  • Master Item tables - These are a legacy item, but still supported in Vizlib Custom Report. 

Data Set Creator - Tutorial

We've created a video tutorial about using the Data Set Creator Wizard which you can watch here. 

Data Set Creator Wizard

To use the data set creator wizard in Vizlib Custom Report, follow these instructions. There's also an example shown  in Figure 1

  • In the Custom Report, click to add a data set and open the Data Set Creator Wizard. 
  • When the wizard opens, select the dimensions and measures you would like to use. (Master items are highly recommended but not necessary.) Make sure everything that is added will be calculated correctly. With more complex applications or expression a certain combination of dimension and measure may not work, in that case they should either be adjusted or placed in separate data sets.

Figure 1: Data Set Creator Wizard

Master Item Tables

If you're looking to set up and work with Master Item tables, please follow these instructions.

  • Create one or more Master Item Table(s) with the dimensions and measures you want to visualize. 

Important: Use the Native Table Master Item for this, rather than Vizlib Table.

  • Check your measure calculations are correct regardless of which dimensions are used.
  • Select Master Item in the drop-down or drag and drop it on the visualization.

Figure 2: Master Item Tables

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