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Vizlib Writeback Table / Input Form Guides - Glossary of Terms

We've created a Glossary for Vizlib Writeback Table and Vizlib Input Form to help you understand the concepts and functions quickly and apply them to your solution. 

Defines the location where your data is going to be written (e.g. QVD file, REST endpoint, SQL table). It can be defined either inside Vizlib Writeback Table or the VMC depending on the destination type selected. 
A Vizlib Server object describing how to connect to a 3rd party system (e.g. a database). Integrations are used by a destination defined in the VMC.
Vizlib Management Console. An administration console used to configure and manage Vizlib Server functionality. 
Oracle WalletA zip file provided by Oracle defining the database location which you can upload to configure the integration. 

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