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Vizlib Tiles Properties - Interactivity, Vizlib Actions, Sorting

The property panel for Vizlib Tiles also has sections for Interactivity, Vizlib Actions and Sorting



The Interactivity settings (Figure 1) manage Selected tile styles and Deselected tile styles, which are activated when you click to select or deselect a tile. 

You can choose a different Color and level of Opacity (the intensity of color applied) for selection and deselection. 

Figure 1: Interactivity

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Vizlib Actions

Vizlib Actions settings (Figure 2) allow you to link actions to selecting a tile. Click Add Action, then select an option in Pick Action and enter information for a Field and Field Value if you need it. 

You can find out more about Vizlib Actions here

Figure 2: Vizlib Actions

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The Sorting menu (Figure 3) has an entry for each dimension and measure you've listed in the Data section of the property panel. There is a default sorting option enabled, but you can also select Custom to apply your own sorting functions. 

The example here is for a Dimension, which has the option to Sort by expression. Both dimensions and measures have the option to Sort numerically and Sort alphabetically, in both Ascending and Descending order.

Figure 3: Sorting

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