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Vizlib Waterfall Guides - Setup Wizard

Vizlib Waterfall has a Setup Wizard to help you create a visualization quickly and easily. 


Setup Wizard

It's activated when you add a Vizlib Waterfall object from the Custom Objects menu to a sheet (Figure 1).  

  • Once you've added the chart, you'll be asked to add the dimension (Month) and measure (New Customer Count). 

Figure 1: Vizlib Waterfall Setup Wizard

If you want to use the Setup Wizard, follow these instructions.

  • Click on Custom Objects in the far-left panel, to open the custom objects menu.
  • Select Vizlib Waterfall.
  • Click and hold the cursor on Vizlib Waterfall.
  • Drag and drop the cursor into the sheet. 
  • Drag the table edge (highlighted in orange) to change the table size.  
  • Click Add dimension to choose the dimension value.
  • Click Add measure to choose the measure value. 
  • Your waterfall data should now be displayed. 
  • If you need to make any further changes, you can use the settings in the property panel.

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Example - Measure Driven

You can create a "measure driven" waterfall using more than one measure. Figure 2 shows an example using measures related to cashflow. 

Figure 2: Measure Driven Vizlib Waterfall

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Example - Orientation

  • You can also change the orientation of a waterfall, switching from a vertical to horizontal axis when you need it (Figure 3).

Figure 3: Waterfall Orientation

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Example - Label Tilt

The Axis labels will tilt if the display space decreases (Figure 4).

Figure 4: Axis Labels

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Example - Variance (Two Measures, One Dimension)

In a Variance waterfall consisting of one dimension and two measures (Figure 5), the first measure shows the starting point and the second measure (where you can set the labels and colors used) will be the end point. Any dimension values in the chart will automatically display the expression

(end measure - start measure) 

Figure 5: Two Measures, One Dimension

If you choose to add a Legend, the colors will mirror the settings in Appearance

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