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Vizlib Server - Introduction

Vizlib Server is used as the back-end solution for the on-premise (Enterprise) versions of Vizlib Collaboration and Vizlib Finance. Once you've installed it, you can use it to integrate with other components (e.g. an email or messaging system, adding and saving a history of comments, connecting to a database or enabling an audit trail). 

Note on Qlik Sense Licenses: Vizlib Server is only available to users with Enterprise customer plans, and supports Qlik Sense Professional, Analyzer and Analyzer Capacity Licenses. Serverless access is limited to Qlik Sense Professional licenses only. Please see our fact sheet for full details. 

We've also created a video tutorial demonstrating the different steps for an installation. 

You can find links to all of our Vizlib Server documentation on the product homepage. We've organized our documents into several categories, and to make them easy to find, we've included keywords in the document title.



This page gets you started with Vizlib Server and explains where to find the information you need. 

If you're new to our products, why not watch our video on getting started with Vizlib here?

You can find the latest version of  Vizlib Server  on our User Portal in the Server section of the Downloads page. The software includes an installation file and a demo app showing you how Vizlib Server works. When a new version becomes available you'll see a notification in the Vizlib Management Console (VMC) and when you edit a sheet for a product visualization which uses Vizlib Server. If you're looking to use Vizlib Server with Vizlib Collaboration extensions, there are several possible architectural models, you can check which model fits your requirements here

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Guides are articles which contain technical information relating to Vizlib Server. The Prerequisites document helps you prepare for the installation, the Installation Guide has instructions for installing or updating Vizlib Server, and the Configuration reference contains the information you need to complete the setup. There's also some examples of a Silent Installation, a best practice guide to help you prepare your processes for Database Backup and Recovery, and a reference displaying permissions for all VMC User Roles. You can also find a video tutorial for installing Vizlib Server on our YouTube channel here

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Properties articles contain information working with Vizlib Server using the Vizlib Management Console (VMC). You can use the VMC reference document as a starting point for any changes you need to make, and there are also reference documents for VMC User Roles and setting up and managing the various Security Rules you can configure to manage the installation. You can find the complete list on the homepage

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You can use our Troubleshooting articles if you start seeing errors or exceptions in Vizlib Server. We've compiled a document containing Known Issues and FAQs. You can find the complete list on the documentation homepage

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The Changelog contains details for each release of Vizlib Server, such as new features and bug fixes. You can find the changelog here, or listed on the documentation homepage, and you can sign up to receive notifications of new releases for all Vizlib products here.

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