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Vizlib Sheet Menu Best Practice and Troubleshooting

When you're working with Vizlib Sheet Menu it's important to be clear about what you can and can't do. We've collected together some tips for best practice, as well as known issues and limitations and listed them here.


Best Practice

  • Let's introduce you - If you're new to Vizlib Sheet Menu, or looking to find some information, the Introduction page has links to all the product resources and knowledge base articles.
  • Work with the wizard - Always use the Setup Wizard to start building a sheet menu, you can always add expressions or edit data in the property panel once you have the basic version.
  • Use templates - Templates in Vizlib Sheet Menu help you apply a look and feel instantly, saving you time and effort. You can even design your own and save them.  
  • Performance  - Vizlib Sheet Menu runs using the Qlik Sense hub engine and each individual value is processed separately, which could affect the performance of a heavily customized sheet menu. We've listed some recommendations to help you manage this risk, and there's also some general advice about improving performance in Qlik Sense here.  
    • Upgrade to catch new fixes - Version 3.0.0+ of Vizlib Sheet Menu has been designed to fix reported performance issues (see Known Issues). We recommend upgrading to the latest version if you notice performance is being impacted.  
    • Check for CSS - Any CSS changes referenced in the sheet menu can impact the performance other sheet menu sections.
    • Keep actions global - If you're using Vizlib Actions in a sheet menu, we recommend using them at a global level rather than in a specific item. 
    • Toolbar is your friend - Master items in a side menu component can increase load time. If you use a Vizlib Toolbar object as a side menu, this should help with performance issues. You can also use Vizlib Toolbar as a replacement for a Qlik Sense Filter.

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Known Issues

Adding Sheet Objects (v2.10 +)

If you're working with Vizlib Sheet Menu version 2.10 or above, you'll need to add a sheet menu object to all sheets in the app. We’ve made this change as we found issues with performance, actions, and dynamic change to sheet menu design when navigating the app. The only solution was to implement a new method for Vizlib Sheet Menu, which required the object to be added to every sheet in the app, and ensures it will be rendered/visualized even when using a deep-sheet-link.

We were aware this would mean additional work for users who’d been developing apps with previous versions of Vizlib Sheet Menu, but felt the change would lead to a more coherent developer and user experience. At Vizlib we do our utmost to avoid causing any inconvenience by making changes to functionality, but found it to be unavoidable in this case. Thank you for your understanding.

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Qlik Sense February 2021 - Side Menu - Master Item Elements

If you've installed the February 2021 Qlik Sense release, and are using master items in the side menu, you may find the object will not display correctly. To resolve this, go to your Side Menu settings in the property panel and open the Elements section. For each element displayed as a master item, check that the Master Item Height Mode is set to Auto (Figure 1). 

Figure 1: Master Item Height Mode

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Mashups (v3.0.0+)

Vizlib Sheet Menu v3.0.0 and above does not support Qlik Sense mashups.

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