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Vizlib Input Form Guides - Creating a Form

Vizlib Input Form has a Setup Wizard to help you create a visualization quickly and easily (Figure 1). To create a new input form, click on the sheet you'd like to work from in Qlik Sense Hub. When the sheet opens, follow these steps. 

  • Click on Custom Objects in the far-left menu.
  • Select VizLib Collaboration.
  • Click and hold the cursor on the Vizlib Input Form option.
  • Drag and drop the object into the sheet, then drag the increase the table size if you need it.
  • Select Choose Template to use a layout template, or Manual Configuration to add a layout in the property panel. 
  • You can start adding data fields by using the Layout Wizard or using Add Field

Figure 1: Create New Input Form

Note: Once you've created a new input form, you can click Done to save it in the app.

In addition to the Layout Wizard, you can also use the Add Field (Figure 2).

Figure 2: Add Field

When you click on Add Field, you'll see a dropdown with a list of data and utility types. Select the data type you want to use and work through the properties to complete the setup. 

Note on Column Order: With the current version of Vizlib Input Form, you'll need to disable touch screen mode in Qlik Sense if you'd like to use drag and drop to re-order columns in the property panel

Note on Screen Size: Vizlib Input Form has been designed to work with any screen size. 

  • If your screen can't display the entire form, a scroll bar will enable automatically.
  • You can position input fields to remain in the same place in the form regardless of screen size. 
  • The Auto option means a cell will resize automatically if the screen size changes, to help prevent large gaps between cells on larger screens.
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