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Vizlib Teamwork introduced Notifications in v.2.4.0. You can use them to trigger an alert about any changes to an action which interests you, e.g. a reply or a mention in a thread you are following. 

Notifications are internal communications passed within Vizlib Teamwork, so they can function across different sheets and apps.

Note: This article can be used with versions of Vizlib Teamwork v2.4.0 and above, including the v3.0.0 re-design.



You can open your notifications list by clicking the icon in the top right of the Teamwork stream window. Figure 1 shows a user in the app Vizlib Teamwork User Demo opening a notification and being taken to the app Vizlib Teamwork. The notification list in each app contains the same notification list, and the same read status. 

Figure 1: Teamwork Notifications

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Creating Notifications

When you're using Vizlib Teamwork, you'll create notifications automatically in the following circumstances. 

  • When someone replies to a thread, a notification is created for the thread's owner and for every user added to the stream. If you'd like to learn more about threads in Vizlib Teamwork, click here
  • When a user is mentioned in a comment or a thread. If you'd like to learn more about Vizlib Teamwork mentions, click here

Once the notification is created, you'll see an alert in your notification list (Figure 2). 

Figure 2: Creating a Notification

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Reading Notifications

If you have an unread notification waiting, you'll see a red marker with a number inside indicating the number of notifications you have (Figure 3). The notifications list opens when you click the  icon.

Unread notifications are marked with a dot, and you can either mark a notification as read by clicking on the dot, or clear every unread notification by clicking Mark all as read

Each notification contains a link to the comment where the notification was created. Clicking the link opens the app in a new tab and takes you to the comment, quickly placing the notification in its wider context. 

Figure 3: Reading Notifications

Teamwork Notifications can't be deleted, so you can still view all of your notifications by clicking the  icon to open the list.

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