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Vizlib Finance Report Guides - Workspaces (Enterprise Only)

When you're working with several different streams at once, you might find you want to control access to the stream's comments. Workspaces are a feature in Vizlib Finance Report which you can use to help separate different streams from using the same comments. 


Adding a Workspace

You can find workspace settings in the VMC under Finance Settings. The page should displays all the Workspaces currently being used. You can use the Add Workspace button to create a new workspace (Figure 1), or make updates to an existing workspace by clicking the workspace name to open the edit window. 

Figure 1: Add Finance Workspace 

Enter a Name for the workspace, select the Access and Security option you need and click Add Workspace when you're finished. 

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Private and Public Workspaces 

Workspaces can be configured as Public or Private by Root Admin and Admin level users.

  • Public - make the workspace Public if you want other Content Admin users to be able to re-use this workspace.  
  • Private - make the workspace Private if you want to limit who can reuse this workspace to the creator (you), Admin and Root Admin users.

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Using Workspaces

You can apply workspace settings in the the VMC at Finance Settings>Streams and Security. Each stream has a Workspace setting (Figure 2) where you can select the workspace you want the stream to use. You can update the settings of an existing stream or create a new stream and select the workspace. If a workspace is Private, only the creator, Root Admin and Admin users will see the workspace in the dropdown menu when creating or updating a stream. 

Figure 2: Finance Stream Workspace Settings

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