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Vizlib Calendar Properties - Dimensions, Measure, Heatmap


Vizlib Calendar supports one date dimension which needs to have the $timestamp metadata tag assigned to it by the Qlik Sense data model. The Vizlib Calendar Wizard provides you with a list of available date dimensions. Dimensions can be linked to a Measure expression, a Marker (Icon) or a Heatmap to display dimension values using a range of colors


The Field and Label settings for the dimension are listed first (Figure 1). Field text should not contain any symbols e.g. using =[Invoice Date] would be incorrect. 

Figure 1: Dimensions

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You can enable Measure expression settings (Figure 2) if you'd like to link the dimension to a measure expression and display a number which relates to a date field you've selected (e.g. a price). You can enter a Measure Expression and choose from Auto, Number, Money, Date, Duration and Custom for your Measure Formatting

Figure 2: Measure

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Enabling the Marker settings (Figure 3) allow you to display an Icon in the top right corner of a cell of a date field you've selected. You can click the icon to select a new one, set the symbol Size, customize the icon Color, and change the Icon Opacity

Figure 3: Marker

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Heatmap settings (Figure 4) apply a heatmap to the calendar, with a choice of settings. You can enter your own color selection in the Measure Expression field, while Gradient Color varies the shading according to a date's position in the calendar, and you can choose from a variety of color sets or adding your own.  Sequential Color you can specify two colors and display a range between them. Expression Color lets you enter an expression for a specific color, and you can also choose to Reverse Colors and set a Null Value Color.  

Figure 4: Gradient Color Heatmap

Note: The Color range in this example is truncated, you can see the full range in your Qlik Sense Hub. 

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