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Vizlib Ridgeline Plot Properties - Dimensions, Measures, Data Handling, Sorting

Vizlib Ridgeline Plot uses dimensions and measures to group and calculate data. You can add dimensions and measures at setup. 



Dimensions displays the two dimensions loaded at setup. You can also click the Add Dimension button and choose an item from the list. You can choose to Include null values in the chart and also select a Limitation (No limitation, Fixed Number, Exact Value and Relative Value) which apply conditions which will affect the chart layout.

Figure 1: Dimensions

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Measures displays the measure loaded at setup (Figure 2).  You can also click Add Measure and choose an item from the list. You can choose to edit the Expression, add a Label, select one of the Number Formatting options (Auto, Number, Money, Date, Duration, Custom, Measure Expression) and add a Calc. Condition

Figure 2: Measures

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Data Handling

Data Handling contains settings relating to the data in the object (Figure 3). You can control the Data downloading limit, Suppress Zero Values, enter a Calculation condition using the editor, and also enter a message to display if the calculation is not fulfilled.

Figure 3: Data Handling

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The Sorting tab controls how you order your data (Figure 4) and has a default setting of Auto for both dimensions and measures. You can switch to Custom sorting if you'd like to set your own values, and sort numbers or characters into ascending or descending order.

Figure 4: Sorting

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