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Vizlib Ridgeline Plot Properties - Reference Lines

Reference Lines help you to highlight particular areas or values in Vizlib Ridgeline Plot

If you add a reference line (Figure 1) a count will display beside the settings, so Reference Lines(2) would indicate 2 reference lines have been added to the chart. 

Figure 1: Reference Lines

When you open the reference line settings (Figure 2), you can enter a Dimension Value (text or expression), add a Label, set the Font Color, Font Size, Text Opacity, Font Style, Label Position and Label Align.

Figure 2: Label

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If you enable Outline settings (Figure 3), you can set the Outline Background, Outline Border, Outline Stroke Width and Outline Border Radius

Figure 3: Outline

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Line settings (Figure 4) control the Line Color, Line Thickness, Line Opacity, Line Style and Line Position.

Figure 4: Line

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