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Vizlib Toolbar Guides - Using the Color Picker

If you need to change any color settings, you can click the color you want to change and open the Color Picker (Figure 1). 

Figure 1: Color Picker

Color Picker Settings

The color picker is a panel with three tabs - Grid, Spectrum and Ideas (Figure 2). You select your color and click Apply to save your changes. Note: If you don't click Apply the change won't complete.

Figure 2: Color Picker Tabs

  • Grid - colors are arranged on a grid, you click the color to select it or enter a Hex color code in the text box. 
  • Spectrum - colors are displayed on a map (spectrum), you click the map, or use the sliders to adjust the color. You can also enter a Hex color code in the text box. 
  • Ideas - colors are displayed in ranges, with options to display the colors contrast, triade, analogic or tetrade rows, and choose from default, pastel, light, soft, hard and pale ranges, or enter a Hex code in the text box. 


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