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Vizlib Partner Portal Best Practice

Welcome to the new improved Vizlib Partner Portal (VPP)! In this article, we'll give you an overview of the new portal and a few best practice tips on how to make the most of using it. 

Important: You need to be a Vizlib Partner to access the VPP. If you'd like to become a partner please contact us. 


Getting Started

To help you get started, we've created a video walk-through of all the updates and features in the new, upgraded VPP. 

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VPP Access

Once you've logged in to the Vizlib User Portal, click Access VPP in the top right of the screen to open the partner portal homepage (Figure 1). If you click the link on the top left of the VPP screen, you'll be taken back to the User Portal. 

Figure 1: Access VPP

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The first page you see in the VPP is the Overview (Figure 2), where you can find all your partner-specific news and content, including contact details for your Vizlib Partner Manager (VPM), and Vizlib Marketing Manager (VMM). If you've got any questions, they'll be able to point you in the right direction.

Figure 2: Overview

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The Pipeline page (Figure 3) is where you find your Leads, and keeps all the existing features from the previous VPP site, including filtering by status and adding extra columns to view more data. 

Leads are organised in rows, and if you click on a row the Edit Lead (or View Lead) page will open. If you add comments on the Edit Lead, your VPM will get a notification about the comment. 

Figure 3: Pipeline

Tip: Please try to enter as much information as possible in a comment, this will help us support you in updating the lead.

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In Members (Figure 4) you can manage your organization's members, sending reminders to members who haven't accepted their invitation, and deleting accounts which are no longer required.

Figure 4: Members

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Add Lead

We've made it much easier to add a lead by creating a link in the VPP side panel. With one click on Add Lead, you'll open the re-designed form (Figure 5) where you can add and submit all your lead information in one page. Like the Edit Lead form, we've added a comments field. 

Figure 5: Add Lead

Tip: Please try to enter as much information as possible in a comment, this will help us support you in updating the lead. 

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Invite Member

Invite Member (Figure 6) contains the email form for inviting new members to the VPP site for your organization. 

Figure 6: Invite Member

Note: The email address field is case-sensitive. 

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Pricing Calculator

We've redesigned the Pricing Calculator (Figure 7) to make it more usable, with a clearer layout and functions.

Figure 7: Pricing Calculator

New Feature Coming Soon: We're working on adding PDF generation to the pricing calculator, giving you the option to print your pricing proposals to a file which you can share with potential customers, your VPM and any other interested stakeholders. 

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Education Center

The Education Center contains guides and links to all of Vizlib's product and service content. Become a true Vizlib Partner and work with us to create your very own educational experience.

Figure 8: Education Center

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