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Vizlib Finance Report Properties - Sorting and Add-Ons



The Sorting menu (Figure 1) has an entry for each measure you've listed in the Data section of the property panel. There is a default sorting option enabled, but you can also select Custom to apply your own sorting functions. 

The example here is for a measure Report Row, which has the option to Sort by expression. You also have the option to Sort numerically and Sort alphabetically, in both Ascending and Descending order.

Figure 1: Sorting

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The Add-ons menu contains settings which manage Data Handling (Figure 2). You can choose whether or not to Include zero values, and add a Calculation condition

Figure 2: Add-ons

If you set a calculation condition, data will only be displayed if the condition is met. You can set a Displayed message for the calculation condition using either plain text, or an expression (Figure 3). 

Figure 2: Data Handling

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