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Vizlib Cards Guides - Setup Wizard

Vizlib Cards has a Setup Wizard to help you create a visualization quickly and easily. 


Setup Wizard

The wizard is activated when you add a Vizlib Cards object from the Custom Objects menu to a sheet (Figure 1).

Figure 1: Setup Wizard 

If you want to use the Setup Wizard, follow these instructions.

  • Click on Custom Objects in the far-left panel, to open the custom objects menu.
  • Select Vizlib Cards.
  • Click and hold the cursor on Vizlib Cards.
  • Drag and drop the cursor into the sheet. 
  • Drag the table edge (highlighted in orange) to change the table size.  
  • Add up to 3 dimensions using the Add dimension buttons and selecting an item from the list.
  • And a measure with the Add measure button and select one from the list.
  • Click on Done to close edit mode and.

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Edit Setup Properties

Once you've finished setup, you can edit the Card settings in the property panel. 

Figure 2: Property Panel

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