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SSL Certificate Errors - Troubleshooting

On January 15 2022, we implemented an update to the SSL certificate for Vizlib's online services (Extensions and Portal). As a result, this may have generated an error which impacts your use of any Vizlib products. SSL errors are regrettable and always frustrating, and this article contains information on how to check for the error and resolve it, and start using Vizlib extensions again.


Checking for an SSL Certificate Error

To check your SSL certification, follow these steps.

  • Log in to the Vizlib portal home page at
  • If you receive a warning about using an untrusted connection, you can confirm the certificate status by clicking the   icon in the URL address bar. If there's an error, you'll see a message stating the certificate issuer is incorrect.

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Resolving an SSL Certificate Error

To resolve the error, the SSL certificate used to replace the Vizlib certificate needs to have trusted status within your own network. Please raise this with your IT department's security contact as they will be able to support and complete the process. 

We've included an example of an SSL Certificate with trusted status in Figure 1. You can see the icon highlighted in the address bar, and the issuer confirmation in the General tab of the certificate information. 

Figure 1: SSL Certificate Example

You can confirm the status of the certificate in the Certification Path tab (Figure 2). 

Figure 2: Certification Path

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