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Vizlib's guidance documentation is your resource guide to making the most of Vizlib products.

This documentation focuses on the Vizlib Sheet Menu Plus so that the people working with this extension can find useful information to improve performance and succeed with the extension.

We're committed to keeping this documentation up-to-date, ensuring you have access to the latest information as it becomes available.


Best Practice

Known issues

  • Extend sheet
    • If you're encountering issues with Extend Sheet enabled and the Custom Theme background color not applying in conjunction with Sheet Menu Plus, follow these steps:
      1. Scroll through the sheet.
      2. If the Custom Theme background color isn't applied, refresh the page.
  • Blank space beneath Qlik charts
    • For applications that use Sheet Menu Plus and Native Qlik Charts, you may notice white space at the bottom of Qlik Charts when initially loaded into the Qlik App. Unfortunately, we can't control Qlik Charts' behaviour. However, making a selection will remove this space. For better control, consider using our charts, like the Vizlib Bar Chart, which eliminates this issue and provides a smoother user experience.
  • When using the hidden Selection menu
    • For people using the Sheet Menu Plus, have the Selection menu = hidden, and have visualisations at the top of the page; then making selections on these visualisations shows the Confirm Selections [ x ] [ ✓ ] behind the Sheet Menu Plus' menu header.


  • Styling is not applied whilst Qlik Sheet is loading
    • When a Qlik sheet loads, it first loads the Qlik native menu. Afterwards, visualisations such as the Sheet Menu Plus are loaded and applied on top of the Qlik native menu. This results in an unstyled sheet, which is then updated to become styled depending on the settings within the Sheet Menu Plus.
  • Using Qlik mobile applications
    • The Vizlib Sheet Menu Plus is not actively supported on mobile applications. For a more stable experience, we recommend using a web browser on your mobile device.

Tech Understanding

  • Product upgrade
  • Supported versions
    • The Vizlib Sheet Menu Plus supports the past six (6) Qlik Sense Enterprise versions and in Qlik Sense Cloud.
  • Supported environments
    • We do not support other environments outside of Qlik Sense Enterprise & Cloud. The following is what is not supported:
      • Mashups
      • Embed sheets
      • Storytelling
      • NPrinting
      • and, PDF printing

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