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Vizlib Flow Chart Properties - Interactivity, Alternate States, Viztips and Tooltips



With Interactivity settings (Figure 1) you can control how the user interacts with your Vizlib Flow Chart. You can Allow Selections within the chart (without this, the chart will be read-only) and Enable Multiselect to allow more than one selection at a time. If you enable Highlight, you can select an option to define how highlighting will work within the chart.

Figure 1: Interactivity

You can also enable Animations in the chart and set the Animation speed. The Fullscreen Icon will open a full screen version of the flow chart and the Snapshot Icon will allow users to take snapshots of the flow chart.

Figure 2: Interactivity

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Alternate State

Alternate State (Figure 3) allows you to assign the Vizlib Flow Chart to an alternate selection state. You can find more on alternate states here.

Figure 3: Alternate State

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Viztips and Tooltips

The Viztips and Tooltips settings help you to manage tooltips in Vizlib Flow Chart, and you can also enable Viztips to add dynamic tooltips. If you'd like to find out more about Viztips, you can find our overview article here.

To display Tooltips, you need to move the slider to Enabled, and then you can select the Viztips option (Figure 4) to start working with dynamic tooltips. There's also a link to the Viztips tutorial if you need to check anything.

Figure 4: Viztips and Tooltips

Viztips present master items (learn more here) on the nodes and connections of the Flow Chart as seen in Figure 5.

Figure 5: Viztips

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