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Vizlib Sheet Menu Plus Properties - Appearance

The Appearance section holds settings which control the format and look and feel of your navigation panel, which you can customize to apply your own branding, change the navigation style, and provide some themed consistency across your apps. You can modify the style of individual sheet items and apply overall settings such as background color, height and border settings on the navigation bars.



In the General tab (Figure 1) you can choose to show or hide a title, add title details using the expression editors and show or hide sheet menu details.  

Figure 1: General

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Top Bar 

The Top Bar contains settings which control the look and feel of the top menu (Figure 2). You can use the sliders to set the Top Bar Height and Tab Button Spacing and select the Background Color. You can also enable the Border settings, define a border with the Border Selector, and choose a Border Style, Border Color and Border Width.

Figure 2: Top Bar

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Selection Menu

You can change the color of the selection menu by changing items within the 'Selection Menu' setting (Figure 2).

You will notice that colors are blank to begin with. This is to show the Qlik default colors. When you change the color, then this is is reflected on the Qlik Sheet.

Please note: You have to monitor your changes by going between edit and analysis mode.

Figure 2: Selection menu styling

Top Menu Items 

In Top Menu Items (Figure 3) you can choose a Top Menu Items Style, selecting a Font Family (or defining a Custom Font Family), Font Size, Font Style and Font Color. You can also choose a Background Color, and set a Font Style, Font Color and Background Color for a Hovered Item.

Figure 3: Top Menu Items

You can also choose a Font Style for the Active Item (Figure 4), as well as a Font Color and Background Color. Enabling the Border settings allows you to define a border with the Border Selector, and choose a Border Style, Border Color and Border Width.

Figure 4: Top Menu Items

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Top Bar Buttons

Top Bar Buttons (Figure 5) manage the buttons' look and feel. Button Size lets you pick from 3 settings, and you can choose a Default Font Color, Default Background Color, a Hover Font Color and Hover Background Color.

Figure 5: Top Bar Buttons

Enabling a Button's Border allows you to set the Border Color, Border Style, Border Width and Border Radius for a button (Figure 6). 

Figure 6: Border Styles

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Side Menu

The Side Menu settings (Figure 7) control the look and feel of the Side Menu. By default, you display the side menu by clicking a button in the top right corner of the sheet. You can customize the Width, Font Size, and Position settings for the side menu, and also choose the Display option (Fixed means the side menu is always visible) and between an Auto or Manual Close Setting. You can also select a Background Color from the palette. The Sheet settings allow you to choose a Font Style, Font Color and Background Color

Figure 7: Side Menu

The Group and Text settings also have options to customize the Font Style, Font Color and Background Color (Figure 8).

Figure 8: Group and Text

Settings for Line (Figure 9) have controls for the Background Color, Line Color, Line Thickness and Line Style, and you can also set the Background Color for a Master Item.

Figure 9: Line

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Sheet Titles

Sheet Title settings (Figure 10) control visibility for the sheet title, enabling Sheet Title Bar and choosing to display as the Current Sheet or Breadcrumbs.

Figure 10: Sheet Titles

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Mobile View

Mobile View (Figure 11) allows you to select particular settings for viewing the sheet menu on mobile devices. You can choose between Top Menu Items and Side Menu Items

Figure 11: Mobile View

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