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Vizlib Sheet Menu Plus Sheet Properties - Top Bar, Top Bar Buttons


In Vizlib Sheet Menu Plus, the Top Bar settings allow you to configure the properties for the navigation panel located at the top of your sheet, with separate settings for each of the Top Bar Buttons

If you Show a Title (Figure 1) you can select a Content option to specify where the title is displayed, set a Font Color and choose a Font Size.

Figure 1: Title

Enabling the Logo settings (Figure 2) allows you to use a logo image from a library or a URL with Use image from, set the Logo Mode, the Logo Opacity and alter the logo position using the cursor controls. 

Figure 2: Logo and Title

You can add Custom text to the top right of the page when toggling to Show the Switch for Top bar text.

You can add an Icon by toggling the switch to Show and apply actions by following the Add Action flow.

Figure 3: Top bar text

Vizlib Actions settings (Figure 3) let you integrate the title and logo with Vizlib Actions. When you add an action, use Pick Action to set what type of action it should be.

Figure 3: Logo Actions

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Top Menu

The Top Menu settings allow you to add and configure Top menu items to display in the top bar of the sheet menu. You can choose from two item types - Sheet adds a single item, while a Group allows you to collectively display more than menu item as a Child Item

When you add a group (Figure 4), you can set the group Name, display an Icon, and select the icon type and position. You can also enable a Conditional Show, which will hides the group unless a condition is met. 

Figure 4: Top Menu Group 

If you want to add a sheet (Figure 5) you can set the group Name by selecting from the dropdown list of available sheets, display an Icon, and select the icon type and position. You can also enable a Conditional Show, which will hides the group unless a condition is met. 

Figure 5: Top Menu Sheet

Click Add Menu Item to add a new item (sheet or group) for groups and sheets.  

NOTE: Understanding how the Sheet Title is controlled when using the Sheet Menu Plus is important as altering the name of the sheet or using Title Expression on the Qlik Sheet displays the content differently. See the explanation below:

If Title Expression = True (populated), then display the 'Title Expression' name in the Sheet Menu Plus's Top menu.
, else,
If Title Expression = False (unpopulated), then display the Sheet Menu Plus ‘Name’ (Figures 4 & 5) from the Sheet Menu Plus's Property Panel for that specific menu item.

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Top Bar Buttons

Top Bar Buttons contains settings which manage buttons in the top bar. You can choose to always display these buttons, or display them only when a condition is fulfilled, as well as entering your own text descriptions. 

Navigation, Save, Stories, Bookmarks, Previous Sheet, Next Sheet, Application and Side Menu buttons all contain settings for Visibility, a text box to enter a Show/Hide Condition for displaying the button, controls for customizing an Icon, and a text box for entering Button Text (Figure 6 shows Navigation as an example). 

Figure 6: Top Bar Button Example

The Sheets button (Figure 7) has visibility and icon settings, with an additional dropdown to select the Content from the current sheet or some custom text.

Figure 7: Sheets

The Edit button (Figure 8) has settings for Visibility, entering a Show/Hide Condition, and displaying an Icon, but also has settings for entering Button Text (Edit mode), Button Text (Analysis mode), setting a color for the Edit mode Background, and choosing Edit Mode Font Color

Figure 8: Edit

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Custom Buttons

Custom Buttons contain settings for you to create your own custom button, and enable it to perform user-defined actions (e.g. making selections, opening)(Figure 9). There are settings to enter a Show/Hide Condition for displaying the button, customizing an Icon, and entering Button Text. To add another custom button, click Add Button

Figure 9: Custom Buttons

If you click on Add Action, you'll open the Actions settings (Figure 10) which you can use to run an action after the button is clicked. You can use Pick Action to select the action, then add the information you need for the action to complete. If you'd like to add more than one action to the button, click Add Action again. If you'd like to know more about Vizlib Actions, you can find a full reference in our article here

Figure 10: Actions

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Display Published/Community and Public sheets in the Top Menu

If you have a public Qlik Application and you have created sheets (see My Sheets & Published by me in Figure 11) in, how do you as a user understand what sheets are Public and Published/Community?

That is easily done! In Figure 12 you can see how it is done.

Figure 11: Public Qlik Application with published and My sheet

Using the Vizlib Sheet Menu Plus's Setup Wizard to edit the Top Menu, there is the option to view the sheets that are Public and Published/Community. By clicking on the appropriate buttons on the right-hand side of the Setup Wizard you will see that new Top Menu sections are added and presented in a grey-blue colour

As Figure 12 shows, it displays the relevant Qlik Sheets under the appropriate drop-down menu (this is the default).

Figure 11: Sheet Menu Plus wizard 

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