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Vizlib Actions Overview

Introduction to Vizlib Actions

Vizlib Actions consist of 32 different Actions across many of the Vizlib Extensions (read Vizlib Capabilities for an overview).

With it, users can create seamless workflows from Qlik that reach out to specific services such as creating tasks or sending emails. It seamlessly integrates with Qlik Sense & SaaS (Cloud) to streamline work and improve efficiency. Vizlib Actions is customizable for different needs and can transform the way users work with data!


Actions Overview

For an overview of Actions and what can be done, watch the below video, Data Storytelling with Vizlib Actions presented by one of Vizlib’s Product Managers, Luke.

Or you can watch this short video introduction for Vizlib Actions for Qlik Sense.

Vizlib Actions Category Overview

Vizlib's 32 Actions are placed into 7 categories:

Best Practices

Here are the key points to remember

  • Actions are edited in the property panel.
  • Actions can be stacked and executed in the order listed in the panel.
  • Multiple actions can be added within one extension and sheet.
  • Actions can have extension-specific properties.
  • Vizlib Table evaluates input/values at the row level.
  • Vizlib Sheet Menu (Plus) allows actions before or after navigating to the next sheet.
  • Vizlib KPI Designer warns against using Saces [   ] or Square brackets [ [ ] ] in field names for Global Action settings - i.e. [Sales] should be written as Sales.

Make sure to visit our other Global Settings by going to this overview page here!

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