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Vizlib Pivot Table v1.3 released

1. [No ID] Added new alternative dimensions & measures selector:

This new dialog allows the end user to select and re-organise dimensions/measures in rows/columns and selected measures. Bringing a new exploration layer to the Vizlib Pivot Table.


2. [No ID] Improved default settings.

3. [No ID] Added new interactivity settings:

- Read only, show/hide Export icon, show/hide maximize&snapshot icon

4. [No ID] Added option to export data to CSV (Raw/Unformatted)

5. [No ID] Vizlib Pivot Table is now supported in Qlik Sense Story Mode

6. [No ID] Added more styling options on the Text Representation type:

Support HTML

- Text is URL

1. [No ID] Fixed CSS conflicts when the Vizlib KPI Designer and the Vizlib Pivot Table were added to the same sheet

2. [No ID] Fullscreen icon was behind the object in some scenarios.

3. [No ID] Fixed toggle selection when clicking on the same cell twice.

4. [No ID] Ellipsis '...' was not shown for titles when text was exceeding the header cell.

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