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Vizlib KPI Designer v1.2 released!

1. [#160694514]: Adding Tool tip in KPI Designer [text layer]

Added a new tooltip global layer setting in all layers that supports HTML

1. [#161014140]: Indicators won't work when used num() formatting

Num formatting was not working even when format as a number was disabled, ie:


2. [#160864300]: conflict with Vizlib KPI+ Vizlib Pivot in offline mode

The KPI was not compatible with the Vizlib Pivot table when the two of them were on the same sheet [also resolved on the Vizlib Pivot table, so re-downloading either of the extensions should resolve the issue].

3. [#160603382]: Fix edit mode in iPad

 KPI freezes in iPad when in edit mode after trying to move layers.

4. [#160793213]: Duplicating layers

Corrected issue regarding the duplication of layers via context menu in some presets.

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